HazMat - Management of Hazardous Building Materials

The HazMat application enables organisations to completely manage hazardous building materials, for example asbestos, within buildings and structures; from real-time auditing through to 24/7 register access.

Any structure that is used as a place of work or accessed by the general public is required to be audited for hazardous building materials, for example, asbestos, lead based paint, polychlorinated biphenyls and synthetic mineral fiber; this is dictated by Occupational Health & Safety Legislation.

The HazMat application enables organisations to move away from crude management systems and utilise an online system that enables the capture of all site and deposit information for the generation of site registers and mandatory documentation retention for future reference.

Organisations that have already benefitted from using the HazMat application include:

  • Property Owners/Managers
  • Asbestos Auditors/Surveyors
  • Hazardous Building Materials Auditors/Surveyors
  • Occupational Health and Safety Managers
  • Risk and Compliance Managers